Imagine a world where every follower of Jesus knew and understood his or her distinctive purpose and then put it into action. How life transforming would it be for each of us to be doing exactly what we were put here to do?

To get an idea of what on earth you were put here for, please follow these three easy steps:



Step 1

Read what the Bible says about spiritual gifts.

1 Peter 4:101 Corinthians 12Romans 12:4-8Ephesians 4:11-13

Step 2

Fill out the SHAPE form.

Fill out the SHAPE form either through the online form or print off the offline form and turn it in on Sunday to one of the pastors or return it to the church office.

What if I don't know my spiritual gift?

Don’t stress. You don’t have to know your gift to begin serving. The best way to find your gifting is to ask those around you as you serve. Since our gifts are for building up others, it only makes sense to ask those around us what they think our gifts are.  

Can I leave some blanks empty?

Yes, some blanks will not apply. For example, a new Christian will not be able to fill out the “Ministry Experience” section.

Step 3

Shape Interview

If you filled out a paper version of the SHAPE form, please hand it to a pastor on Sunday or return it to the church office. The electronic form (from the web site) immediately notifies the church that a SHAPE has been filled out.

A staff member will contact you within a week to schedule a time for a SHAPE interview where we can help find the best place for you to begin to serve in one of the many Grace ministries. If you are not contacted after submitting your SHAPE form, please contact or call the church office at 817.860.7116 and ask for Jonathan.