At the end of the service we want to invite people to come to one of two locations to get more connected. 

  • 1st Time Here? Come to the Welcome Area up front where we have gifts for you and would like to briefly greet you.

  • Been here before but have questions or want to get better connected? Go to Connection Coffee at the back of our Worship Center.

Connection Coffee: 

10:25/12:25 - Check that you have coffee on the table in your corner. If necessary refill in the main foyer or in the kitchen of the Life Center. 

10:30/12:30 - Boot up the computer and login using password “GraceWorship”. 

10:32/12:32 - Turn on the lamp when Gary mentions Connection Coffee or closes the service.

When finished please take coffee back to the main foyer, turn off lamp, & turn off computers. 

If a 1st time newcomer comes to connection coffee please do not send them across the worship center to the Welcome Area. Greet them and give them a gift (shirt, etc…) and answer any questions they may have.  Then please send an email to with the name and email of the 1st time newcomer and that they went to Connection Coffee. 

Welcome Area: 

10:25/12:25 - Be in the hallway outside the men’s baptismal and waiting for the service to end. 

10:30/12:30 - As Gary closes move to the Welcome area and as he begins to pray- get ready to turn on the lamp. 

10:32/12:32 - When Gary dismisses turn on the lamp and get ready to greet 1st time newcomers at the Welcome area. 

When someone comes offer them a water and give them a bag containing a welcome packet, whybeinvolved card, Grace Cafe family coupon and quarterly. Everyone in the family also gets a Grace shirt. Coming soon will be a card for AdventureLand & GYM. Also coming soon will be little prizes for 6th grade and younger children if they stayed with their parents on their first day with us.  Kathi also suggested having your business cards in your pocket to share with someone for contacting you later. 

I always point newcomers towards the next Discovering Grace class if they don't have an interest in a particular ministry or group to connect with. 

If they registered their kids in AdventureLand we only need their name and email for followup as everything is in Realm. If they didn’t register children we need a newcomer card. 

At the end please record all the names and emails of those who came to the welcome area in the “Guest Book” that Jocie will put out at the Welcome Area. 

When you leave turn off the Lamp (1st service especially). 

On Sunday afternoon or Monday send a personalized email to anyone you personally spoke to for the first time with any follow up opportunities you spoke about.