Saturday March 30th, 9am - 12 noon

Gcc Life Center

This class is an introduction to the basics of disaster and emergency preparedness and survival from a Christian perspective. It explains why preparing for emergencies or disaster is important, how to develop a personalized plan, and how to assemble the needed supplies, as well as teaching necessary skills.   There will be tables set up with  sample products to look at plus we will be giving away some door prizes! 


Our thanks to Tom and Sue Welch for putting this together and providing valuable information and resources to use.  Below are several PDF downloads for you to use and pass on to others.

Ready, Set, Bless Presentation - This is the basic class presentation package. 

Ready, Set, Bless Practical SkillsThis is the Practical Skills class presentation package.

Ready, Set, Bless Checklists - Sample planning and supplies checklists

Ready, Set, Bless Bugging Out Checklists - Sample checklists for bugging out with 5 minutes, 1 hour and one day notice.

Tarrant County Disaster Supply Calendar - breakdown over a five month period of what to gather for your supply kits a little at a time.