Practical Helps


We are disciples of Jesus and we follow His example, as He “did not come to be served, but to serve” Matt 20:28.

There are always members of our church family or our community who need help in a practical way. The Practical Helps Team receives these requests and serves as many as possible to share the love of Jesus in tangible ways! 

What is the Practical Helps ministry?

We provide practical, physical help (e.g., moving, yard work, minor house repairs, and general chores around one’s residence) for individuals who are not capable of doing it themselves.

Who We Serve

Our primary focus is upon members of Grace Community Church who do not have the resources (family, small group members, co-workers) and/or the ability to help themselves. Typically this includes the elderly, single parents, and persons with disabilities. Persons who are not members at Grace or who are visiting Grace may also be served. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

How We Operate

We serve on an “as needed” basis and team members serve as their schedules and availability allow.

When a service opportunity arises, team members are notified and informed about the particulars of the service to be rendered (e.g., date, time, place, activity/tasks to be performed, etc.). Those who are available come and serve; those who are not available wait for the next opportunity.