What is IMPACT? 

Impact is a weekend discipleship event for junior high students. Students stay in host homes throughout the area, do a Bible study together, then participate together in Group Dynamix competitions and a worship service at the church.

When is IMPACT?

Friday, October 5th - Saturday, October 6th

When is the deadline to sign up?

Sunday, September 30th

What happens during the weekend? 

All students are grouped by grade and gender and assigned to a GYM leader and host home. All groups will arrive at their assigned host home on Friday night. The groups will walk through a Bible study curriculum Friday night and Saturday morning, then will leave for a team building competition at Group Dynamix. Saturday concludes with a worship service at the church. Students will get picked up at the church after worship.

What's the theme of the weekend?

Our theme for Impact weekend is how we can best serve Jesus by pulling him out of the world’s box. Come and have a great time hanging out, worshipping, and learning more about Jesus!

Who are the leaders & host homes?  

All Focus leaders & host homes are screened and trained in the GYM Policies & Procedures. The leaders for the weekend are current GYM leaders, and host homes are chosen from core families inside our church.

How much does IMPACT cost? 

The cost is $50 per student. This money pays for Bible study materials, meals, transportation, a t-shirt, and our Group Dynamix event.