Discovery Bible Study

A Discovery Bible Study (“DBS”), also known as a “Discovery Group”, is a safe place to see for yourself what the Bible says.

It is a gathering of people who read and discuss God’s Word facilitated using questions that lead to discovery, prayer and care for one another, and encouragement to share. It follows a practical method of reading narrative stories from the Bible in a way that encourages discovery.

The Discovery Bible Study Pattern

Guidelines to share with the group in the beginning of the first few meetings:

  • Answer in sentences, not paragraphs

  • Focus on the passage we are studying, not other ideas/sources/passages.

1. Talk - each person answer

  • What are you thankful for this week?

  • What has added stress to your week?

  • What needs do you have? How can this group help with this need?

2. Look Back (not in first meeting)

  • What story did we talk about last time?

  • Did you change anything in your life as a result?

  • Did you share the story with someone?

  • Did we meet the needs that came up last week?

3. Read and Re-Tell

  • Who would like to read the story?

  • Who would like to read the story again?

  • Can anyone re-tell the story from memory?

    • Does anyone remember more of the story?

4. Look Again

  • What does this teach us about God/Jesus?

  • What does this teach us about humanity/yourself?

  • (Re-focus: Where do you find that in the story?)

5. Look Inside

  • If I believe this is from God, what am I doing to follow this well?

  • How must I change? How will I put this into practice this week?

6. Who Else?

  • Who are you going to share this story with before next time?

  • When shall we meet again?

Facilitator Guidelines

  • Facilitate…don’t teach; ask questions that draw out answers.

  • Prepare before by studying passage, looking for main idea, and think of some examples, stories or applications from your own life.

  • Share personally in the personal sections (1, 2, 5, 6) but only facilitate in the story sections (3 & 4).

  • Keep the session on schedule:

    • a quarter of the time on 1 & 2

    • half of the time on 3 & 4

    • a quarter of the time on 5 & 6

  • Complete all sections, though not necessarily all questions.

  • Respond to questions by asking group, “What in the passage helps us answer that question?”

  • Respond to distracting comments by asking, “Where is that found in this story?”

  • Respond to “strange” answers by asking, “Help us understand what you are thinking.”


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