In light of the current weather conditions in our area we wanted to communicate with everyone regarding safety if you are here on campus during if dangerous weather is in the area or the forecast.

  • First and foremost, please pay attention to weather sources and if bad weather is in the forecast please stay home.
  • Where to seek shelter in our building:
  • GHOP – in the bathroom and/or Tom’s office.  If the group is too large then the rest will need to get against the walls away from the windows inside the GHOP.
  • Life Center – move downstairs to the men’s and women’s bathroom/locker room.  There is a weather radio located in the locker room of each. If there are more people than can fit inside the bathrooms then the rest will need to take shelter in the hallways up against the walls.
  • Adventureland North – Move to the bathrooms and the hallway
  • Adventureland South – Move to the bathrooms and the hallway behind the baptistery.
  • Hispanic Church - Move downstairs to the bathrooms and the hallway behind the baptistery.

“How To’s” of Disaster Planning

The following websites provide clear and detailed information for creating a disaster preparedness plan for you and your family. – General disaster preparedness plans that can also be made personalized for family, home & pets.  Also view plans for how to respond to specific disasters – Department of Homeland Security website that provides guidelines and practical planning tools for blackouts, influenza pandemics, hurricanes and many other disaster related topics.  

Tornado Awareness Videos and links

Extreme Heat Awareness

Heat is one of the leading weather-related killer in the United States, resulting in hundreds of fatalities each year. Click on the link below to find out how to endure the hot Texas heat!

Heat Safety & Ventilation

Emergency Essentials

These websites offer excellent resources for disaster preparedness such as: Disaster Response Kits, Freeze Dried Meals, Grains & Beans, MRE’s & Food Calorie Bars, Water Storage & Filtration, & Additional personal preparedness items

Other Helpful Resources: – Center for Disease Control – World Health Organization