The ACDN is an organized, trained and prepared cadre of volunteers ready to meet the emergency and disaster needs of our community.  Network leaders have developed “Guiding Principles” and determined the base level of member training.  Faith-based organizations continue to be an integral part of our City's emergency management system and this effort reinforces the City’s commitment to collaborative planning, response and recovery to meet the needs of citizens in times of emergency.

Guiding Principles:

  • Our disaster relief services in Arlington will be provided per the needs, direction, and authority of the City of Arlington.

  • Per our relationship with the City of Arlington, we will require the following credentials of all who provide public disaster relief volunteer work with the Network and the City:

  1. Complete the on-line FEMA IS-100 and IS-200 courses.  Those in Network leadership positions should complete these two courses, andcomplete IS-700 and IS-800.

  2. Complete the City of Arlington sponsored CERT (Citizen Emergency Response Team) training classes.  This CERT training will be a primary focus and mission of the Network.

  3. Complete a background check through the City of Arlington, and receive and maintain City volunteer credentials.

  • The Network Membership will consist of faith-based organizations.  Disaster volunteers within the Network membership will consist of individuals who are approved by and affiliated with the faith-based organizations.

  • The Network Committee (those who attend the General Meetings) will consist of representatives from Member organizations. This Committee will meet on a regular basis, and will be the decision making body for the Network.

  • The Network Board will be selected from the Network Committee, and will provide the executive leadership for the Network and Committee.  The Board will meet on a regular basis, the Board will be Network liaison with the City of Arlington, and the Board will represent the Network in all external affairs.

  • Per the request of the City of Arlington, the Network will provide a liaison to the Arlington Emergency Operations Center (during times of actual disaster operations).

  • The Network will seek to provide a qualified pool of disaster volunteers who are available for general work assignments per the request of the City of Arlington, and the Network will work closely with the City to develop specific disaster relief capabilities - ones that best fit the needs of the City and the abilities of the Network Members.

For more information please contact Lea Ann Hirth.