VBS 2018



We covet your prayers as we prepare for our 2019 VBS, "POWER UP, Raise Your Game, scheduled for July 15-19. Theme verse: “God’s power has given us everything we need to lead a godly life.” Following is an overview of our 2018 VBS:


Our 2018 AMPED Vacation Bible School (VBS) was amazing.  To put it another way, it was really ELECTRIFYINGLY fun for everyone and we give JESUS all of the glory!

One of the first things I noticed was that the parents were happier this year! We eliminated the long check-in lines by me simply texting each parent their security code and putting children’s name badges in the classrooms. Lots of parents told me “Thank You!” and how much they appreciated this change. After all, no one likes to stand in a long line!

This year we had two worship times, one for 3s through kindergarten and another one for 1st through 5th grades. It was a great change!  Both groups really worshipped the Lord and had a FUN time doing it! Jocie Morgan did an outstanding job planning and leading our worship times and her worship team was amazing!

 As I walked down the hallways, I heard laughter, lots of laughter!  I also heard children being asked great questions by their small group leaders.  I also heard our VBS teachers doing a wonderful job of teaching our children to:

·       Live like they know God is with them through the life of Joseph

·       Live like God has a plan for them through Esther

·       Live like Jesus is alive through true stories of Jesus

·       Live like people matter through the early church

·       And to live like they’re part of a bigger story through the life of Paul

Following are other amazing things I saw as I walked around our campus:

·       125 volunteers – (35 adults and 90 Gym Students…Our Gym students ROCKED!)

·       315+ Children who were all smiles
1,560 Crafts being made

·       2,000+ Snacks being devoured.  LOL

·       So many games that I lost track!

·       15 First-Time Decisions to believe in Jesus as their Savior and Lord

·       40+ children who said that Jesus was their Savior and Lord but they hadn’t been living it. They repented and came back to Him that day!

·       35+ children said they already love Jesus and were so glad they did!

·       12+ children were ready to be baptized, some from other churches

·       14+ children wanted more info about the Good News as they considered believing in Jesus.

 As a children’s pastor, I couldn’t be more pleased with how our volunteers loved and served these precious children. A BIG heart-felt “Thank You” to all of our wonderful volunteers and the parents who entrusted their children to us! 

All for His glory,

 Margaret Beheler Pastor of Children



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