Fall Series 2018 – Winning the Fight Trailer

We are in a battle.

It’s easy to get caught up in the details of our lives – the milestones, the promotions, the disappointments, the events that pop culture tells us are monumental. But these pieces of our lives have the potential to distract us from the war that is being waged all around us.

This year’s Fall Series is entitled “Winning the Fight”, and as warriors for the kingdom we are doing just that! Because of our faith we have no reason to fear our enemy, and scripture tells us all about our enemy’s character, strategies, and how we are to equip ourselves for battle.

Join the rest of our church as we wake up to the realities of spiritual warfare and prepare ourselves for the days ahead. All sermons, small group videos, and study resources can be found at gracearlington.com/winning

Join us as we are winning the fight!