Glow in the Dark 2014

Glow in the Dark 2014 is a festival that we hosted here on October 31st at Grace Community Church, where we hoped to shine the light of Jesus on a traditionally dark day in our nation. About one-third of the people who attended had no church home, one-third were from other churches and a one-third were from our own church family. In all, we had about 1,400 people attend the event and I saw smiles from everyone who came!

One specific prayer request from the registration team was that we would not have scary costumes come into the event. It was amazing how God answered this prayer and we only had to ask a couple of people to remove their masks for the event! This number was much lower than in 2011, the last time we had a Glow in the Dark, so we know God was at work. 

I have heard many stories of people already beginning to connect with our church family. I met one single mother Sunday who came to Glow in the Dark and did not have a church home. She had young children and was glad to know that we would accept her and help her find a small group community to be a part of at Grace. A local business owner invited her non-Christian employees to come and they had a great time! We hope they will come back to try us on future Sundays. Barbara Williams served on the conversation team and reported that she had the opportunity to talk to multiple people and pray for one individual while they were eating. 

Thank you for the large number of volunteers who helped to pull off this event and join me in asking God to water all the seeds that were planted!

Pastor Jonathan

Children, OutreachJocie Morgan