Texas State Guard

This past Saturday morning Grace Cares hosted approximately 100 men and women from the 4th Regiment of the Texas State Guard.  Each year we provide some type of disaster preparedness training for the troops and this time we offered CPR and First Aid training. These men and women volunteer their time and resources on a monthly basis to train and serve.  The Guard plays a vital role here in the state of Texas and we are privileged to help provide a portion of their training. Special thanks to all of our people who were here before the sun rose that morning and helped us make this day happen!  Our CPR and medical instructors: Billy Hirth, Sue Welch, Chrissy Stamey,Wendi Schambach, Melissa Lozano and Kathy Einhaus.  Our registration team: Tom Welch, Jim and Lillie Hawkins, Susan Thomas and Preston and Lillian Rose. 

Jocie Morgan