Praying Church Conference

Wars, rumors of wars, floods, famine and untold sufferings fill this chaotic world. Yet at the same time God is pouring out His Spirit and fullness on those congregations that are committed to seek Him through worship, prayer and the work of local and Global missions.  

      The Holy Spirit is moving on the earth as never before to both awaken His sleeping church and to partner the Great Commandment with the
Great Commission. The goal of this conference is to bring you to a place in worship where you  receive personal ministry from the Lord, that you hear teaching that re-envisions you, and hear testimonies about the reality of the praying church movement that is happening right now and how you can be part of it.

      The Praying Church Conference was be held on our campus November 13th-14th. For more information, click here!

GHOPJocie Morgan