For the last five weeks, a handful of folks have been studying Scripture together, learning principles of making disciples and putting those principles into practice.  This is what MULTIPLY disciple making training is all about.  We started by praying about what group of people God would have us reach out to. We were led to check out Gateway Park Apartments in Arlington to see if there were open doors for ministry there.

A team of people first prayer walked the complex.  During the prayer walk, a 10-year-old boy we met was asked, “If Jesus were walking through this complex, what would He do for people?” The boy responded, “He would forgive people of their sins.”  Encouraged by this response, we prayed about how we might engage people living here.  We heard that a Back-to-School event was taking place for the residents a few weeks later, and we decided to attend the event to try to connect with people.

About 50 people, mostly children, came at various times during the event.  Five MULTIPLY trainees from two churches came to serve and reach out.  One girl we met told us, “Christians used to come by our apartment complex, but they stopped coming.  I wish they would come back.”  We prayed for this girl and her three brothers.  Another boy said, “I have an anger problem that I can’t control, and my parents don’t know what to do.  It feels as if something is taking control of me.” “Do you ever ask Jesus to help you?” “Sometimes….”
The next week, some of us went back to Gateway to follow up with residents we had met.  When we found the boy’s parents, we listened to their story, prayed for them, shared the good news of Jesus with them, and gave them some material help with their needs.  We hope to continue ministering to this family and others at this apartment complex.  The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.  Pray for more laborers!  And join the next training which begins Monday, October 19th!  Check out the MULTIPLY page and contact Brian at for more info.


Jocie Morgan