Memorial Day 2015

Jerry Smith, from our Grace family, wanted to share a letter from his son, Jeremy.  Jeremy wrote this letter in December 2005, after returning from his first combat tour in which he lost 21 of his friends.  He was a prolific writer and was known by his men as being the Warrior Poet.  After losing all those friends, he was compelled to write a letter on their behalf to their parents.  Jerry was not aware of this letter until after Jeremy was killed.  It was discovered when going through his things.  When Jerry read the letter, he was really taken back as he realized that by the providence and compassion of the Lord, even though it was written over six years before, it was as if it was written prophetically and was always intended for him and his family.  Everything in it applied to them.  Even the part where he admonished them not to stay “stuck in midnight.”  It turned out he was killed just before midnight their time.  The letter is attached below.  


‘Letter from a Fallen Son’

Written by Cpl. Smith, Jeremy D.

1st LAR Bn. D Co. 1st Plt.

“May those who have fallen never be forgotten.”

Dear Mom and Dad,

I hope things are good and life is treatin’ you well.  And I hope you know ya’ll have been the best parents a son could’ve had.

Tell my brothers and sisters I love them and no matter what - never quit and never fail.  Give that ole dog of mine a pat on the head and a hug from me to him.

I hope you know I wish I could be there.  But my young life had a greater calling.  There were things I did in my life that I ain’t proud of.  But, don’t you worry, I’ve been forgiven; that’s why I’m here.  

There were rough times of loneliness where it seemed as though I just kept falling.  But I’ve escaped them and am now flying as peacefully as a dove.

Tell the family I wish I had been there more.  But, at first I was young and naïve.  Then when I opened my eyes, I was involved in a daunting chore.  I know you will, but I gotta say it, please don’t shed any tears for me. I’m so sorry to have put ya’ll through this stress and to have beat you here.  But don’t focus on the bad, focus on the fact that I’m still with you, very near.

Tell my friends to keep their heads up.  No matter what, it could always be worse.  And for the one that has my love…tell her to please remember me.  ‘Cause no matter where I am she stays in my heart.  She was the only one who could set me free.

I have loved you all so very much, I know it’s going to be hard.  But you gotta carry on, you must.  When you start to miss me and feel the hurt.  Just start talking to me.  I’ll be there listenin’ to every word.  Don’t let this change you.  Stay who you have been.  I’ll have everything ready for all you guys when you meet me here in Heaven.  So grab your strength and dry your eyes.  Don’t stay stuck in midnight.

With love,

Your son, your friend, your guardian angel

May we never forget the sacrifices so many made for us!

Jocie Morgan