Hita Summer Adventure!

Most people in Japan know as much about Jesus as you know about Genghis Khan!  If someone asked if you believed in Genghis Khan, how would you respond?  Japanese people might have heard of Jesus in a historical context, but the thought of knowing Him is completely unimaginable.   To make matters worse, a history of old European-style church, combined with a poor picture portrayed by Hollywood, has caused Japanese to view Christianity as worthless and boring. 

So how do we change that?  The answer, we have found, has come through real relationships with people who are passionate about Jesus.  And how do we cultivate those relationships?  We’ve found that the most effective method has been through bringing young Christians to live in their homes and to interact with them on a daily basis.

This summer, hundreds of people will participate in the Japanese/American Cultural Exchange Program that we have been holding each summer for the past seven years. Eleven of our Grace Community Church young people will be staying in Japanese homes and serving alongside the H family and the G family to put on a series of day camps, retreats, and cross-cultural events in the city of Hita, Japan.   Through this event, people in Hita will experience a taste of the Lord like they have never experienced before … and some will even come to know Him.


Jocie Morgan