GYM Serve Week 2015

The GYM [Grace Youth Ministry] started the summer of 2015 with a memorable week of service. Nearly 100 students and leaders partnered with an organization called Youth World to show Jesus’ love in a practical. Youth World provides a summer VBS program to more than 250 “at-risk” children in the Dallas area. Our GYM students were able build friendships with these children through games, Bible lessons, meals and conversations. We were a voice of hope and encouragement in their lives, and our prayer was to reflect Jesus’ love in a powerful and tangible way!

The GYM students were impacted as we followed Jesus’ example to set aside our own desires and honor others above ourselves (Philippians 2:3!) Often I heard how students were challenged to be more grateful for their own blessings. Others noted how this week encouraged them to reach out to others, even those marginalized by society to show and express the love of Jesus in a real way. The love of Jesus changes lives, and so during Serve Week the GYM changed lives as Jesus shown through us!

- Caleb Beacham 

GYMJocie Morgan