Glow in the Dark

As most of you know, we have more rain in our forecast for Friday and Saturday.   Because of this, we need to cancel our Glow in the Dark Festival.   We are all sad about this but know it is for the best. 

       For our festival, most vehicles are parked in the fields on both sides of our buildings, and our fields are still very wet from the rain last weekend.  With a forecast of 80% rain on Friday, we know we would be unable to park our guest vehicles in the fields.  Plus, the man who so willingly allows us to use his hay each year for our festival told us today that because of the forecast of rain, his hay will not be available this year.

       Since some of us may still have families visit our homes on Saturday evening, we want to make some things available.  The candy that was donated for our event has been put in the Life Center gym.  Please drop by the church office during office hours (Wednesday & Thursday, 9:00-4:00, and Friday, 9:00-1:00) if you would like to pick up a bag of candy and some of the items we planned to put in the Glow bags.  Items include info about Grace and “How to Pray for Your Children” cards.  We trust the Lord will use these items to draw people to Himself. 

       Please remember that most people will visit a church if someone personally invites them.   Let’s all consider inviting someone to Grace on Sunday, and to make them feel welcomed and cared for, plan to sit with them.

       As always, thank you so much for always rallying to help when we have a special event.  Our Grace family is the best!  We are praying that we will all shine brightly for Jesus on Saturdayevening regardless of where we are.

All for His glory,

Margaret Beheler

Pastor of Women & Children

ChildrenJocie Morgan