Giving–from “Have to” to “Want to”

What is it that enables people to move from the place of “not giving” to “giving”?  Usually it is simply that they have come to understand the commands of God and begin to obey them.

But what is it that moves people from the “have to” column to the “want to” column in giving?  Usually it is when they overcome their fears and misunderstandings.

What kind of fears am I talking about?  The most common fear is the fear that if I give it away now, then later on when I might need it, it won’t be there.  But God promises that when we give now, then later on when we need it, it will be there.  The question is do we trust God to keep His promises.

But there is something else that enables people to move from the “have to” to the “want to” column in giving.  It is overcoming a major misunderstanding.

  Imagine that you were given the responsibility of giving away someone else’s money.  You aren’t allowed to spend it.  You can only decide where to give it.  Who wouldn’t enjoy the pleasure of being a Christian philanthropist?

And yet, when we rightly understand what the Bible says about money and possessions, that’s exactly the situation that we find ourselves in.  We have been given someone else’s money.  We have been given the opportunity to decide where it goes.  And when we begin to live like that, joy is realized.  Once we begin to experience the joy of giving, it is no longer “have to” giving.  It is “want to” giving.

 So fear not and trust God in your giving … of your money… I mean His money.  And live generously and joyfully.

 - Pastor Gary

Jocie Morgan