Embrace Grace 2015

She certainly didn’t plan to be so young, single and pregnant.  Where did her life take a turn?  She had dreamed of some day having a baby, in fact she wants lots of children, but not like this.  Not without a husband, a daddy for her baby.  What will she do?  She has to tell her family and friends, but how?   All of them will be so disappointed and upset.  It will for sure cause some relationships to break and others to suffer much.  And the father, he wasn’t looking for a long-term relationship.  Oh and then there is the financial hardship!  How will she continue school and care for a baby?  Why oh why did she allow this to happen?  It is overwhelming!  Where will she find help and hope?

         In desperation she calls the Arlington Pregnancy Center.  Then, our EG team is made aware of the need and they jump into action, after all there are some young woman in need.  There are meals to plan, Bible studies to prepare for, a pampering day called Princess Day to plan, a Breaking Chains evening to organize, a baby shower to plan and last the most important thing, the driving force behind this ministry, PRAYER!  Joining with Jesus in making intercession on behalf of these precious ones.  What an honor and a privilege! 

         Our EG team is currently ministering to five young women (pics attached).  One of the girls has already had her baby and now she simply brings the baby with her to the weekly meetings.  Our Grace leader of EG, Susan Bobinger, was gone for a couple of weeks and upon her return she saw wonderful changes in these young women.  Fear had been replaced with joy!  They have started being interactive during the Bible study times, and they have all renewed their faith in Jesus and are learning about His love and forgiveness.  Thank You, beautiful Lord!

         Our EG team is on the front lines of what the Lord is doing in the lives of these young women and their babies.  Please add them to your list of people on your prayer list.  Some of them serve in this ministry weekly and others oversee various events to bless these young women or provide products and services to bless them, but all do it because of their great love for Jesus and these young women.  Please pray for:  Susan Bobinger, Stephanie Ott, Lisa Zealey, Karen Wynn, Sandi Mehmandoost, Jayne Ames, and Mandy Bankston.  Btw…a big “Thank You” to The Keg for providing a wonderful dinner for these young women at the end of their Princess Day, and giving our team a wonderful discounted price on their food.  

         If this story has touched your heart and you would like to be a part of this wonderful EG ministry, please contact Susan at subob9999@sbcglobal.net.

Margaret Beheler                                                                                                           

Pastor of Women and Children

Women of GraceJocie Morgan