Elevate 2016

   Over 55 junior high students and leaders attended Elevate April 16th-17th at Mount Lebanon. This weekend allowed students to get away from the stress and craziness of life to grow closer to God and each other. Throughout the weekend, students competed in team games, participated in group skits, worshiped and learned the value of honoring and obeying their parents through three large group sessions. After each session, students broke out into small groups based upon age and gender. This was a time where the students could discuss what they had learned and were challenged to dive deeper into God’s word and its meaning in their lives. The students experienced discipleship from their small group leaders and were able to grow closer to one another through discussion. 

      As a leader, I absolutely loved to see the students get excited to learn and love God more. It was a great weekend! All students and leaders came back alive (huge victory points in my book.) Please continue to pray for our junior high students, that they may live boldly for their faith and learn to honor and obey their parents.

-Hannah Smith

GYMJocie Morgan