Elevate 2015

Recently, our seventh and eighth grade students went on the annual junior high retreat called Elevate. We took 54 students (and 11 very, VERY brave volunteers) to spend the weekend getting away from the stress and craziness of life to grow closer to God and each other. However, this weekend was much more than just a time to get away and relax. The students participated in three separate sessions which included games, worship, and a message on the book of Daniel. Our theme for the weekend was about getting out of our comfort zones and doing what God has called us to do. Through looking at Daniel, the students were shown how to live courageously for God and how to serve Him, even if it is uncomfortable. The students were challenged each session to live like Daniel and were shown how Daniel was an example of how to live like Christ. After each session, students broke out into small groups based upon age and gender. This was a time where the students could discuss what they had learned and were challenged to dive deeper into God’s word and its meaning in their lives. The students experienced discipleship from their small group leaders and were able to grow closer to one another through discussion.  The students also had the opportunity to get out of their comfort zones on Saturday during free time. They participated in different team building activities and then were able do a ropes course. This definitely challenged them to be courageous and get out of being comfortable!

Elevate weekend was a fun and crazy time, but it was so much more than that. God truly showed up in a mighty way and impacted these awesome students’ lives. The students got to experience Him in worship and then dove into His word. It is truly amazing to see God working in the lives of our youth and to see them come together for His name and seek Him.  Please continue to pray for our junior high students, that they may live courageously and stand up for Him, even when it gets uncomfortable! This is a challenge that not only applies to our students who went on Elevate but for Christians everywhere today.

GYMJocie Morgan