2016 GYM Senior Ski Trip

 For the past 9 years, Grace Youth Ministry has taken its high school seniors on an annual ski trip to Durango, Colorado. The seniors have actively participated in youth ministry in Focus, D-Groups, Advance, Encounter, cross cultural ministries, leading Jr. High Discover class, and serving on Welcome Crew. This trip is designed as a celebration for the seniors for their faithful service and commitment to Grace Youth Ministries over the past 6 years.

        This trip, 11 students and 6 leaders traveled 14 hours to Durango, Colorado. In Durango, the group spent 3 full days skiing. With 8 brand new skiers, the first day consisted of many falls, bruises, several attempts on the bunny slope and only a few major wipeouts. By the third day, all skiers graduated from the bunny slopes and were skiing green and blue slopes. Some students even conquered several black slopes! At the end of the trip, there were no major injuries besides a busted lip. All survived and came back alive, a major victory in a leaders perspective!

        Though skiing is fun and exciting, a favorite part of the trip included the worship and encouragement time each evening. During encouragement time, students had an opportunity to sit on the fireplace and their friends, leaders and classmate’s can encourage and speak biblical truth into their lives. This is truly an impacting, inspiring and recognizable time in each student’s life.

        A memorable quote from the trip came from one of Sheldon Reynolds morning motivational speeches in the van. His words were spoken in regards to the slops and life. He stated, “When you fall, what do you do? You get back up!”

        As the senior girl leader, I am extremely proud of this senior class! Their growth in their walk with the Lord, their leadership within the church and their love for others is inspirational. I am so excited to see where the Lord will take the Class of 2016 in the future.

-Hannah Smith

GYMJocie Morgan