Reverse Culture Shock



This ministry addresses reverse culture shock or re-entry stress. Our vision is to provide the support needed for a smooth adjustment/re-adjustment to living in one’s passport country regardless of one’s age, gender, or role.

This ministry aims to facilitate both individual and family adjustments after returning “home” after living in a cross-cultural context.  We intend to address the issues of all of the family members, not just the adults.  Family members from small children through adults who have lived/worked cross-culturally in missional, international development, military, business, boarding school, or homeschooling contexts may expect re-entry stress or reverse culture shock when coming to their “passport country.”

 Often, only the adults involved are considered.  However, upon re-entry children especially teenagers often face the serious stress.  This GCC/PAC ministry seeks to address the needs of each age group recognizing a wide range of variables which affect individuals differently.  If you would like to participate in this ministry or address a family or personal concern about re-entry stress, please contact Eddie or Donna Elliston.

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