Men's Movie Night

Saturday, June 29, 2019, 6pm - 9pm

In Psalm 78:2 God tells us "I will open my mouth in a parable." God loves to use stories to speak truth to us! At each Men's Movie Night, the Men of Grace are getting together to eat pizza, watch a movie, and then talk about it afterward. What did God say to you? We'll discuss it from a Biblical perspective -- looking for what we can learn about life from or in contrast to the themes presented in the film, comparing the messages in the film what the Word of God says and applying it to our lives.

Movie selection is important, and we look for films that are well-made, have inspiring and challenging themes, and prompt meaningful discussion. We avoid choosing movies with nudity or sexual scenes, very strong language, and other objectionable content, generally choosing PG-13 or lower rating.

Previous films have included "Gladiator", “Paul the Apostle”, "Cinderella Man", “Dunkirk” and "Hacksaw Ridge". We usually don't announce the movie title in advance, because it's as much about the fellowship as it is about the particular movie. But if you want to know the title so you can decide whether to attend or not, mention that when you fill out the Sign Up form and we will let you know. 

Who: Any men and any high-school age boys they might bring.

Where: Life Center Loft (upstairs at the end of the hallway).

Evening Agenda:

  • 6pm - Eat Pizza and fellowship

  • 6:30pm - Movie starts

  • 8:30pm - Discussion

  • 9:00pm - Dismiss

Cost: $5 per person for food - Free if you won't be eating