José Iglesias
Pastor of Worship and Finance


Jose is the pastor of our Spanish Church and leads our outreach to Spanish-speaking people in Arlington. The Spanish church meets in its own sanctuary in our facility on Sunday mornings and Tuesday and Thursday nights. Jose also leads our ministry to Mexico, leading between twenty and thirty ministry trips over the border per year. These trips are typically partnered with another ministry area in our church such as youth ministry, college, young adults, home groups, etc. as well as individual families and groups from other churches. The trips focus on presenting the gospel and meeting personal needs of the poor and outcast in Mexico. Jose’s ministry projects have taken us to the states of Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, and Cohauila. Under his leadership we have had the opportunity to build and staff two orphanages in Cohauila State, build two churches inside a prison in Reynosa, and help build one in Victoria prison. Jose is also networked with pastors and Christian leaders in the government in Cohauila and Tamaulipas to encourage them in their ministry and their personal lives, partnering with them to meet the needs of those in their cities and evangelize using the Jesus film and other means.

Jose’s passion is to meet the needs of people in the Name of Jesus. He says, “I would do what I do even if the church stopped paying me tomorrow. The call on my life to meet the needs of the people is upon me. I don’t have the heart to say ‘no.’ I try to help the people however I can. When I see people who don’t have the means to live, it hurts.”

Jose was born in Bluetown, Texas. His family moved to Mexico when he was a boy, then returned in 1957 when Jose was 13. Jose came to know the Lord in 1976 in McAllen, Texas, through a revival. In 1979 Jose’s son was diagnosed with an incurable bone disease that doctors said would confine him to a wheel chair for the rest of his life. Jose was asking the Lord to heal his son when he felt the Lord asking him what he would give in return for his son’s healing. Jose replied that he would do whatever the Lord asked. An evangelist came to church that night and prayed for Jose’s son, and he was healed. Jose anonymously met the needs of people, paying their electric bills, rent and buying groceries without making his name known, doing so more frequently after his son was healed. Around this time Jose was praying and saw in his mind the image of a child asking for something to eat and knew the Lord was calling him to minister to those across the border. He made his first trip to Acuña in 1980 with a few donated items, which led to years of monthly trips. After the Fort Worth Star Telegram covered his ministry in an article in the mid-80s, people begin approaching him with contributions. This is how our church found him.

Jose attended a business college in Reynosa, Mexico, for two years. He owned a Mexican Restaurant in Hurst, then spent fourteen years in real estate. He started attending Grace Community Church in 1988 when one of our pastors read about his ministry to Mexico in the newspaper. When Gary approached Jose about how we could help him, his response was “Come with me!” Our pastor and some other leaders did, and a bond was instantly forged. Jose was invited to lead a Mexico ministry as a lay leader, then was asked to join our pastoral staff team in 1993.

Jose met his wife Nina in 1954 in south Texas when they were children. An aunt of Nina’s and an aunt of Jose’s were neighbors. As a result of this connection, three of Nina’s uncles married three of Jose’s cousins. With all the family around, Jose and Nina grew up together, became sweethearts and were married in 1962. Jose and Nina live in Fort Worth and have three children: Idalia is married and has two daughters and two grandchildren; Veronica is married and has a daughter and two sons; and Carlos is married with three daughters. Jose’s children live in the same neighborhood as their proud dad!