Curt Joens
Elder of College and Young Adults

Curt enjoys working along side Steve and Chason Laing, Grace’s College and Young Adult pastors.  In his role as elder over those ministries, he maintains a close relationship with these two men, listening to their plans and concerns for their ministries as well as offering counsel. 

The Joens family joined Grace Community Church in 1993.  Over the years, Curt has been involved in home group leadership, men’s ministry, Arlington High School outreach, and youth ministry.  He served as the Grace Prayer Coordinator from 2001 through 2011.  He and Ron Hamilton set up and started the Grace House of Prayer (GHOP).   In addition to being a part of the Grace Men’s Fraternity, Curt has been involved in a men’s group in the community made up of dads from the school his kids attend.

Curt was born in the great wilderness of northwest Iowa.  He lived in the small town of Ruthven (pop. 711)  until his fifth grade year.  Then a job transfer for his dad brought them to the town of Clarinda, located in southwest Iowa.  He earned a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, in 1983. After graduating from ISU, Curt received his commission as a second lieutenant in the US Air Force and entered pilot training.   After earning his wings, he flew the C-130 at Clark AB, Philippines. In 1987, he was transferred back to the US to be a T-38 instructor pilot at Reese AFB, Lubbock, TX.  Curt met his future wife, Margie, in Lubbock, and they were married there in June of 1989. Curt’s last Air Force assignment was instructing prospective T-38 instructors at Randolph AFB, San Antonio, TX.  He separated from the military in January 1992, and was hired to be a pilot for American Airlines a few months later. Curt is still employed by American.  Margie and Curt have four children: Heidi, Hannah, Joshua, and Jeffrey.

Curt’s spiritual journey began at the age of ten. While watching a Billy Graham Crusade on TV, his heart was pierced by the gospel message and the realization that he needed a savior, and he gave his heart to Christ that night.  He didn’t really begin to grow in his faith, though, until years later in the Air Force when he was introduced to the Navigator ministry.  Spiritual mentors in the Navs taught him the importance of spending time in the Word and sharing his faith, and they helped train him to study, memorize, and meditate on scripture.  Because of the fruit it has produced in his own life, Curt fervently believes in and seeks the transformation the Holy Spirit works in us as we renew our minds with the Word of God. 

In his spare time, Curt enjoys working out at the YMCA, playing an occasional game of basketball, and slow-cooking various meats on the smoker.  He also looks forward to his annual fishing trip to the Gulf coast with the guys.